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By Emma Rausch
Wabash County Habitat for Humanity broke ground at its new home building site, located at 490 Ferry St., on Saturday, April 2, and welcomed the Eis family to the neighborhood.

Over the next several months, Matt and Sarah Eis, along with their four children and one on the way, will join Habitat volunteers and staff in building their new home.
When the couple learned they were selected as partner homeowners, they were in shock.  “We couldn’t even -- of course it’s a blessing -- but we were like, ‘They really picked us?’” Mrs. Eis told The Paper of Wabash County. “It’s really exciting, yes.”  By partnering with Habitat, the couple is providing stability for their children, the pair said.  “They always know where they’re going to be for a long period of time,” Mrs. Eis explained.  “For them to be here and to grow up in this specific neighborhood and they’re know where they’re going to be,” Eis added. “A home to come home to and the neighborhood. It’s going to be a great thing.  “It’s exciting.”

The local Habitat Board of Directors approved the family’s application last October and completed the partnership agreement in December, according to Jeremy Stackhouse, board member.  “So far, they’ve completed 40 hours of financial literacy training, which is a part of the Habitat partnership,” he said. “Then they’ve also completed day-long HUD (Housing and Urban Development) certification for the homeownership up in Fort Wayne. They’ve been doing some volunteer work in the community to continue to fill their Sweat Equity and then they’ll continue to fill it on the job site as we’re building their house.  “They’ve been working really hard to this day and we’re really proud to partner with them and to work right beside them for their house.”

During the groundbreaking ceremony, the Eis family were also presented with a wood plank signed by the O.J. Neighbours K-Kids Club.  In March, the club donated $300.01 to the local organization’s Nickels for Nails program after raising it among the fourth grade classes. By raising $300, the club’s donation will fund the purchase of 6,000 nails, the amount needed to build the Eis family’s new Habitat home.

Mayor Scott Long also attended the groundbreaking and congratulated the Eis family.  During the ceremony, the mayor said, “This is a good day for the city.”
“Their presence here will not only strengthen the city, but also this neighborhood,” he continued. “It’s an honor for the city to be able to partner with Habitat and, as a new mayor, I’m looking forward … to seeking some additional lands for Habitat to build more houses within the city.”

Volunteers Needed

Wabash County Habitat for Humanity is looking for volunteers and groups who would be interested in helping the Eis family build their new home.  For more information and build days available, contact Becky Arnett at 260-563-9188 or at becky@wabashhabitat.org. The second build for Wabash County Habitat will be in North Manchester.  Stay tuned for more information.

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