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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wabash County Habitat for Humanity?

Wabash County Habitat for Humanity is a Christian ministry which builds homes in partnership with low-income families in need of a decent place to live. This ministry is open to all persons who desire to work to eliminate poverty housing. With people from all walks of life working together, Wabash County Habitat for Humanity builds new relationships and a sense of community as well as sturdy, livable homes.

How does Habitat work?

Habitat works as a partnership between families in need, volunteers, churches, businesses and other organizations and individuals. Simple, low-cost homes are built using contributions, donated materials, and volunteer and homeowner labor. The houses are sold at cost and with zero-interest financing to low-income families who have a stable income but are unable to qualify for a conventional mortgage. This makes it possible for families who otherwise could not afford to buy their own home to realize their dreams of homeownership.

How are Habitat homes built?

The homebuilding effort is heavily dependent upon volunteer labor. Homeowners themselves invest hundreds of hours of sweat equity into the construction of their homes, and into the homes of other Habitat homeowners. Habitat purchases land and materials with donations from individuals, churches, service groups, businesses and foundations. Habitat does seek government support in land acquisition and infrastructure improvements. Homeowner mortgage payments are channeled back into the construction of additional homes.

What kind of homes does Habitat build?

Wabash County Habitat builds strong, simple, energy efficient houses. Most homes have 3 bedrooms and 1 bath, but there are also some 4 bedroom, 2 bath homes. The houses are generally single-story homes.

Do Habitat houses allow people to move from poverty to plush new houses?

Habitat's philosophy is to build simple, decent homes. Any newly built house is going to be a dramatic change for a family that has been living in poverty-level conditions. However, Habitat houses are not extravagant by any means.

Can Habitat homeowners sell their houses and make a large profit because of the original selling price?

Habitat retains the "Right of First Refusal" to purchase back any home if a homeowner needs to sell. Habitat buys the home back at a price that shares with the homeowner the appreciation in the value of the house.

How are Habitat homeowners selected?

A family selection committee reviews all applicants and follows a non-discriminatory selection process based on housing need, ability to repay the loan, and willingness to partner with Wabash Habitat.

Does Habitat for Humanity give houses to poor people?

Habitat houses are not given to anyone. The houses are built with those in need and then sold to the homeowner partners. Mortgage payments are kept affordable for families who would otherwise be unable to qualify for conventional financing through low down payments, no-profit/no-interest loans and low monthly payments. Homeowners also invest hundreds of hours of "sweat equity" building their own home and those of neighbors.

What is sweat equity?

Sweat equity is the investment that homeowners make in their houses prior to moving in by spending hundreds of hours building their own home and the homes of others. Sweat equity reduces the cost of the home while increasing the personal pride of ownership for their house and community, and fosters the development of partnerships and positive relationships with other people in the community.

Where does the money to build come from?

The money for building comes from two main sources: donations and mortgage payments. Donations from individuals, foundations, organizations and businesses are used to purchase land and materials. The no-interest mortgage payments made by current Habitat homeowners also support the construction of additional Habitat homes.

How can I help Wabash County Habitat for Humanity?

You can help by volunteering your time towards construction or office-related tasks or making a donation of land, materials, or money. Your involvement does make a difference. Give us a call at (260) 563-9188 if you would like to help.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, Wabash County Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization and is tax-exempted under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Can I receive a copy of the latest 990?

Yes.  Click below.



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